Swordfish potatoe – or how I learnt to stop worrying and code HTML

Call me djonn dravolta cause I just coded up my first swordfish. You see the purpose of this little blog is mainly to learn basic HTML coding.

I’m so sick of devs telling me ‘oh no sas you can’t put so many animated kitty gifs on the front page. Everyone knows the best website is blank and smells of citrus’.

So if I learn to code I can at least make proof of concepts to show how all the gifs move at different times and it creates a ripple effect to match my auto playing song and flashing title. (I want my website to have a Las Vegas feel)

(I hand coded this photo in but don’t know how to add comments or make it spin and bounce around while playing midi files. I’m not up to that bit yet).

I will write about this as well as whatever I feel like, and also test out my new learnings. My main goal is one of those swanky high res banner images on the top with some sleek Helvetica title inset.

I’m using code academy which is pretty great. My first chunk was just basic tags and creating a readable HTML document, how to use header, image and linking tags all the basics.

What’s cool is that after 5 years of law and contracts I find similarities in the logic of code and legal stuff. The unfolding sections and sub sections really act a lot like a piece of legislation, but instead of going to jail you can make a potato link to Tim heideker.

I still haven’t got to the bit where I get under the hood of this wordpress and hack everything into comic sans, but it was pretty exciting turning all those little brackets into potatoes.

Watch this space as I turn a well designed minimalist wordpress into a hodgepodge of illogical code, non device responsive, inappropriate garbage.

I will now turn this line into a ‘website hyperlink’ to my favourite website using the magic of code.

1 potatoe