How to make your WD MyCloud Suck Less, or for SEO Purposes “Improving the performance of your WD MyCloud”

So I recently bought a WD MyCloud, after being pretty psyched about its feature set.  You can read about my expectations, reality, and subsequent soul searching here.  The issues came from massive lag when accessing it, or trying to use it in anyway.

What I also did is figure out how to make it suck less.  Basically there’s some processes that chunk it up and do sweet fuck all.


****Do all this at your own risk.  I don’t care about you or the people you love****

Turning off the bastards

The steps below will turn off two processes, it involves accessing via hackery text looking stuff, but don’t be scared.  It also voids the warranty but you can factory reset and be like “I KNOW NUSSING”

1- Through your browser, go to http://wdmycloud.local/UI/

2- login and go to settings

3 – turn SSH on

4 – open terminal (or putty/linux terminal if you’re using windows)

6 – type “ssh root@(whatever IP address is of mycloud)” ( If you’re not sure how to find IP addresses of devices on your network look here)

7 – say yes

8-  password welc0me (the o is a zero but thats not clear with this font)

9 – Type /bin/sh /etc/rc2.d/S86wdphotodbmergerd stop – turns off shirttily written thumbnailer

10  – /bin/sh /etc/rc2.d/S85wdmcserverd stop – turns off piece of shirt mycloud indexing.

Basically these two piece of shit processes are terribly written and just blow the reasonablish hardwares brains out.

If you’ve got days when you won’t be using it, (i’m talking days upon days) let them run and it’ll finish indexing apparently.  Frankly I couldn’t be fucked not accessing my data for that long

de suckify twonky (the media server bit)

There’s another part, a media server, which takes the media and makes your devices be able to play it.  It basically is set to rescan itself any time a file is moved.  So anytime you change a bit, the whole thing just shuts itself down for some serious introspection.  Thankfully this is fixable.

1- through your browser, go to twonky (http://wdmycloud.local:9000/)

2- go to advanced

2- go to rescan intervals

3 – change it to 0

4- save (at bottom) this stops it scanning itself completely every time a file moves.

5- go and rescan your database

6 – for bonus points go to sharing section, and specify the media folers on your drive and the types of content they’ve got. (this will just make scanning more efficient when it does happen.

If you make changes to your file structure go back to advanced  and select rescan.

By removing these processes and following the above steps your NAS will work ok.

In summary the software is written terribly and you’re better off turning it off till they write some code that doesn’t melt this poor little nas’s brain.  This then becomes a reasonable hard drive and home solution, with reasonable media streaming .  It will deactivate the cloud bit till you let WDMCSERVER finish.  If your server restarts you will need to do all this again.  You can write code to automate it but thats another story for another day.

Any other tips/tricks to optimise this garbage bag of woe?  Comment below.

Rolling back the firmware.

I’ve yet to try this, I’m pretty drained, and have this thing working in a reasonable way, so I’m leaving this more as a note from myself, these instructions are straight from the forum.  Apparently the issue is the latest firmware (however I’ve been back historically and every update has been a litany of woe by the sounds of it).

Anyways, straight from the forum –  

1 – Download the following firmware version and unzip the .deb file (File

2 – Then download Winscp and install it: 

3 – You need to “turn on SSH” from Settings > Network in Wd My Cloud web interface.

4- Now run Winscp program you have installed earlier. In the Login window

5 –  select “SFTP” in File protocol dropdown

6 –  Enter your My Cloud IP adress in the host name

7 –  The default usename is root and password is welc0me (its the number 0 in welcome and not letter O)

Once you login you will see 2 panes in the window.

8 – Go to the right pane and naviagte to the folder “etc”.

9 – Once in the “etc” folder scroll down to the bottom and you will see a file called “version”.

10 -Double click to ope the file and change the version name to 03.04.01-219 and save the file.

Thats all the SSH work. Now close and exit Winscp application.

11 – Reboot My Cloud. (Settings > Utilities > Device Maintenance > Reboot)

12 – After it has rebooted go into settings > firmware and click on “select from file”. Naigate to the sq-030401-230-20140415..deb file you have downloaded earlier and update.


This seems like a pretty good option, will let you know how it goes.


WD MyCloud Review – This thing sucks unless you are basically a hacker from a nineties movie.

So after swapping hard-drives between xboxes for the billionth time, remembering that season 2 of “Orange Is The New Black” is on the other hard drive then remembering that it was MKV and being forced to plug my computer in, I was like “fuck this, I’m getting some sort of home storage setup”.

I needed Media streaming, central data storage accessible by all devices via WiFi.  That was it.

Then I discovered the WD MyCloud.

wd mycloud

Killer features

– 4tb – ooh mumma
– linux based OS – sounds good
– dual core, 512 mb of ram (my phone’s more powerful but ok they must know what they’re doing).
– Remote access (think dropbox but with local storage).
– Super cheerful american youtubers saying how good it was.
– all devices can access it over wifi for storage
– DLAN and UPNP compatible so it can stream to xboxes and the like.

All this sounded rad, especially considering it was a feature set you’d normally have to get a server PC to have up and running.

So I ambled out and bought it because I’m impulsive and hadn’t been drinking for a month (dry July), so I had money to burn (I also bought a puppy, who will not be receiving a scathing review).

my new puppy, who has outperformed this NAS in nearly everyway

my new puppy, who has outperformed this NAS in nearly every way

I was soooo frickin excited to get it home.

Littany of suck

– No direct plug in from computer to modem.  Ethernet from computer to router, then to router to MyCloud. “so… ok… I can handle that”, I think to myself naively.
– You can plug USB 3.0 in (big plus as you can add up to 4tb capacity, it can even handle usb banks).
– However when you access via finder it passes the data from the hard drive attached to the MyCloud THROUGH THE COMPUTER AND OVER THE WIFI.  It literally goes through the MyCloud, through the router, through your computer, back through the router OVER WIFI into the MyCloud.
– Direct transfer was possible through their non retina optimised windows 95 piece of shit interface.

But hey, I got it working.   I painstakingly transferred all my media across, and eventually, despite only being able to do file management through their garbage bag interface, I had all my media in one place.

Ok lets get this mumma running.

…     “Fuck yeah.”

…                      “This works.”

Nekminit – Ninja turtles, every room of the house.

After two days of twiddling I say to my girlfriend “see, look how easy it is, no more swapping hard drives”.

Until it stops working.  Almost immediately.  I can’t even get in via SSH (greentext little hackery little thing for the unititated).  It’s just unresponsive.  Ok.  Reboot (IT pro).

Chunks like a bitch.  Every so often it works, but mostly it’s just unresponsive.

After spending some time on forums, what I find out was that there are two processes that run on the NAS that just destroy it.


Basically, WD, being the software geniuses they are, hand over hugeee chunks of the processing power to:

– a process that indexes and creates thumbnails of every file (so you can scroll through their “MyCloud App” (ie garbage stinkwreck) and see pretty pictures.
– and another process that basically encodes the files or some shit for remote streaming.

All well and good, except for the fact that it completely destroys the functionality of the device for people that have large amounts of data.  While these processes are running it becomes completely unresponsive, laggy, and basically useless.

This is how I picture the two garbage bag processes that crunked my past week.

This is how I picture the two garbage bag processes that crunked my past week.

I have since come up with a little walkthrough on how to make this less terrible, so that people like me who bought it can step by step desuckify it – if that’s you then check it out here.

Final thoughts

This device could have it all, the hardware is solid, Twonky is a reasonable server, and the feature set is great.  The problem is, WD, in an attempt to jump onto too many bandwagons at once, have written software that is horrendously inneficient, and left the NAS basically broken without a huge amount of warranty voiding customisation.

Sure the dickheads in their stock photos probably only have ten video files and 100 pictures so all the processes, scanning, thumb-nailing and encoding only takes ten minutes, but I’ve got Shit tonnes of pirated media that I want in one spot, that I can get to anywhere in the house.

I’ve basically had to strip it of all its shitty software and use it as a mapped drive.

Thanks WD.

You suck

no potatoes