Getting U.S pricing on Australian XBOX store using bitcoin

Australians pay extra in the XBOX store, for no other reason than archaic DRM and international copyright laws. Back in the day when there was extra distribution costs it made sense.  Now we’re senselessly paying extra for digital content because someone can’t forgo their distribution or licensing fees.

You could set your billing address to the US, but you can’t use an Australian credit card. Luckily Microsoft now takes bitcoin, and since it is relatively easy to get and use bitcoin(BTC) in Australia, you can now get US prices on the XBOX store.

Below I’ve done a little walk through on how to do it. It goes through switching regions, getting a bitcoin wallet and using it to get microsoft credit. This same process would generally apply to similar situations with other companies who take BTC.

ffe27c92-3ce0-4c90-8059-c79f23f0dd43-2GETTING SETUP

1 – Log in to your web XBOX account and switch regions

2 – Switch regions on your XBOX itself

3 – Set up a bitcoin wallet

info-2-xxlBitcoin is a form of digital currency, used as an alternative payment network by companies like Microsoft. In this instance I used coinjar because you can hold an AUD balance and then pay a bitcoin amount from it. This means you don’t have to worry about the price of bitcoin. There’s tonnes of options so do your research.



Use BPAY to top up your bitcoin wallet

You can keep a balance in AUD and pay directly from aud bucket to a bitcoin address when getting credits.

Get your account ready for bitcoin

1 – go to payment and billing

litlte2 – switch AU account to new nearly created US account

3 – go to payment options

4 – select microsoft account and then redeem bitcoins

Below is a payment screen from a bitcoin payment processor. They work out how much $100 USD is worth in BTC, then display a QR with an amount to pay and an address to pay to.  If you pay within 15 minutes the account will credit USD to your account.


Pay from your wallet

1 – go to coinjar and select payments

2 – choose bucket to pay from (AUD or BTC)

3 – copy the bitcoin address and amount from the microsoft payments page, then paste to coinjar, hit review and confirm

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4 – confirm and hit pay now.


When you go back to live you will have the USD credit, and access to USD pricing.

Feel free to posts other services this works for. Happy gaming.