The Appropriation Of Counter Culture

First published in The Bird Street Press August ’13.

Beware misfits shirts and Che Guevara anything. For decades the counter culture has churned out symbols of its ideals and ideologies and mainstream media has either trivialised or appropriated it to sell coca cola and sunglasses.

While this can seem harmless in some respects it’s also a very sneaky tactic for the money men to dilute the message behind a culture. Look at the hippies. They weren’t just fucking in the mud, they were making a statement about the potential to be ‘apart’ from an inherently broken system of war and money.

But their symbols were mocked in mainstream media as actors donned long hair and threw peace signs around, and the money men were able to put words in the mouth of the movement. So be wary of labels, fashions and symbols that can be plastered on t shirts or slapped on pop stars. Or you might end up as the poster child for the very thing you detest.

Or BECOME a pop star and let Pepsi pay the bills.